Top 3 Garage Door Materials: Pros And Cons

Garage door materials come in various shapes and sizes, more specifically in different types of materials. Such materials include aluminum, steel, wood, and fiberglass, and more. The decision on which material to choose for your garage door will depend on various factors like: budget, environment, and style.

To help make your decision easier, we have laid out the top 3 garage door materials as well as their pros and cons. Keep on reading to find out!


1. Steel

Steel garage doors offer the broadest range of design, insulation and price options. Steel garage doors combine long-lasting performance of high-quality steel with the elegance of clean lines and classic designs. If you wish to enhance your garage door’s R-value, consider installing a steel garage door.



  • Low maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • High R-value
  • Durable
  • Various design options
  • Budget friendly


  • Not a naturally occurring insulator
  • scratches and dents that rust quickly
  • Resistant to dents on a moderate scale


2. Wood

Wood garage doors compliment many architectural styles, from traditional to modern and add elegance and dramatic curb appeal to the home. Wood garage doors also come in a broad range of designs and price options. 



  • Elegant, rustic appearance
  • Several overlay styles
  • Naturally occurring insulator



  • Complicated and time-consuming manual operation
  • Possibility of warping, swelling, or decay
  • Regular maintenance is required


3. Aluminum Glass 

Aluminum Glass Panel garage doors are the perfect choice to modernize any home. The durable aluminum frame is available in a number of colors, including clear, black and bronze anodized, to complement any home style.


  • Low-maintenance
  • Customizable
  • Allows maximum amount of light into the garage
  • Naturally rust and corrosion resistance


  • Less durable 
  • Low R-value 
  • Incomplete waterproofing
  • Privacy concerns (depending on glass type)



As you can see, determining the best material to use for your garage door depends on your specific needs, as each type of garage performs differently. After reading about the top 3 garage door materials and their pros and cons, you now have a better idea of what material to choose from. 

Should you require further assistance in deciding, please contact All Townships Garage Doors & Gates at (866) 906-5486 and we will be more than happy to offer our expertise. 

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